24 MAY

International Day against harassment and for inclusion in the world of work

An initiative by REZALLIANCE,

non profit organisation based in Geneva, Switzerland.

International Day

against harassment and for inclusion in the world of work

An initiative by REZALLIANCE, launched on May 24, 2022 in partnership with Strukturelle.


Harassment affects the entire world of work: human and financial resources, people and structures. In total, one third of working people report unwelcome behavior in the past year. This rate rises to a half over their entire working life.

The human and economic costs are immense and require international consideration, a careful approach and crossfunctional incident management.

Distinction & Specification

The International Day Against Harassment and for Inclusion in the World of Work addresses all levels of hierarchy and all expressions of competence. Although other days address the themes of work-harassment-inclusion, no day approaches these subjects in a direct, transversal and chronic way.
Indeed, for example, the World Day for Safety and Health at Work focuses on physical safety, the Zero Discrimination Day focuses on discrimination without a targeted perspective linked to the world of work. As for the equalpay day, a day with a national scope, it addresses the economic consequence of one particular aspect of the problem.

The genesis


In 2022, Joëlle Payom pioneered the establishment of the International Day Against harassment and for inclusion in the world of work. Recognizing that the movement’s success depended on more than the efforts of any single individual or organization, she underscored the importance of building alliances anchored in mutual values. This approach catalyzed collaborations with key stakeholders, including an initial partnership with Maya Dougoud and Strukturelle, which served to significantly amplify the movement’s message. Since then, the initiative has seen a growing number of strategic partners join forces to further this vital cause.


joëlle payom

Rezalliance is a non-profit organization based in Geneva, whose mission is to raise awareness about harassment and discrimination in all its forms, promote a constructive, pragmatic, and cross-disciplinary approach to strengthen inclusion in the workplace, and protect the integrity of individuals regardless of differences. Rezalliance brings together a network of multidisciplinary experts to provide a systemic response to a systemic problem.

Joëlle Payom, Founder & President of Rezalliance – CEO of Rez-Care.com platform – Inclusion and workplace harassment expert.


Maya dougoud

Strukturelle is a non-profit organization, based in Fribourg, consisting of an association, a foundation and an academic institute, which works to support and guarantee good governance as well as integrity, equality and objectivity in decision-making processes. StrukturELLE is committed to progress in the functioning of structures and to the implementation of clear, transparent, objective procedures, which are indispensable elements for the trust of society in public and private institutions and their ability to function.

Maya Dougoud, Associate Professor HEG-FR, HES-SO. Founder & Co – President of Strukturelle.